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Gu Gu Stroop Wafels

Gu Gu Stroop Wafels

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Hailing from the Dutch city of Gouda, the stroopwafel is a glorious creation. Two thin layers of baked dough wafels, filled with caramel. And the guys at GU took it to the next level (is that even possible??)

Acts like an Energy Gel but tastes like breakfast - and can be eaten before a race or workout, or bring one along for a tasty energy source to power your performance. Or just eat one cause they're delicious snacks. We are athletes after all and calories count (more calories = more running! yes!)

One individually packed Stroopwafel (30g) contains:

140-150kCal (Flavour dependent)
75-150mg Sodium
450mg amino acids
Variable caffeine
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