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Head Radical Motion Padel Racket

Head Radical Motion Padel Racket

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The lightest in the new teardrop shaped range by Head the Radical Motion is the perfect racket for intermediate to advanced Padel players that are looking for more radical control and maneuverability. With that perfect combination of a 3k carbon fiber face and control foam core this Padel Racket gives you a sensational feel with ample power.

Head being started in the 1940s making metal skis, then became known for producing the first ever metal framed tennis racket to now producing some of the top Padel Rackets and Accessories such as the WPT official Padel Ball, there is not much they haven't accomplished. This includes having the world number 1 Padel Player using there racket to climb to the top so with your very own Head Padel Racket you know you are in good company.

The core of the Radical Pro as mentioned is made of the control foam EVA, assisting in giving you radical control over the Padel Ball with an enhanced sweet spot and exceptional feel. We find this is a perfect compliment for the lower weight and balance provided by the radical platform. The core is then supported buy an especially developed and specifically tailored frame for this exact model that is made to work in conjunction with the power foam core. The frame has also been impregnated with graphene, which strengthens the frame, provides greater stability and optimises energy transfer through the ball. All of this is then wrapped in a 3k carbon fiber face giving you even more radical control and the power needed to dominate your game.

Including the above we have more impressive technologies such as the Auxetic constructions used in the make up of the racket and the further optimised sweet spot that is uniquely developed for this specific design to be more central and larger. There are also some welcomed extra features such as the soft buttcap made of a two-component construction material that provides comfortable and soft handling. As well as the unique smart bridge that is present in each racket and can be seen as a prominent feature at the heart of the racket.

If you like the idea of incredible control coupled with a sensational feel at impact with high levels of maneuverability then the Head Radical Motion Padel Racket ticks all the boxes.

📋 Shape: Tear Drop
📋 Weight: +- 355 grams
📋 Balance: Medium
📋 Power 9/10
📋 Control 10/10


⚡ Player level: Intermediate/Advanced
⚡ Control Foam Core
⚡ 3K Carbon Face
⚡ Optimised Sweet Spot
⚡ Smart Bridge Technology

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